Why Wood Wicks? ⁠

We get the question a lot from people are used to traditional cotton wicks. ⁠”Why should I change to wood wick candles?”

TS Home Studio is a small business that puts great care into the products we send out to our customers all across the nation.  We pay attention to every single detail in order to provide you with the best candle experience possible, right down to the ingredients used to actually make the candles. All of our candles use essential oils & natural fine fragrance oils, wooden wicks, and 100% soy wax. 

Here are some of the amazing reasons why wood wick candles are the best!

1. Sustainably Sourced in the USA ⁠

Our wood wicks are carefully crafted using only the finest materials. We source our wood exclusively from sappy fruit trees grown in the USA, which are harvested sustainably to ensure minimal impact on the environment. By using 100% natural wood, we create wicks that not only burn cleanly and evenly, but also add a unique touch of natural beauty to your candles.

2. Pleasant Crackling Sound

When lit, wooden wicks will make a pleasant crackling sound similar to that of a fireplace and generally add a more calming and appealing aspect in creating an ambiance for your home⁠.

3. Longer Lasting Burn Time + Clean & Even Burn

Wooden wick candles offer a distinct advantage in terms of burn time, as they tend to last significantly longer than their cotton counterparts. For instance, our 8oz mason jar candle, boasts an impressive average burn time of 50 hours. Wooden wicks also allow for a clean and even burn. Our wood candle wicks flame equally on all sides, giving you a clean and even burn that is soot-free. All you need to do is trim off the burnt part of the wick, and you’ll have a bright and clean burn every time. ⁠

This means you can enjoy the soothing, warm glow of your candle for extended periods, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its ambiance using your entire candle until it is gone.

4. Trees For The Future

Our wooden wick supplier uses wood sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified mills and for every $100 spent with them, they plant a tree with the “Trees for the Future” – An organization working to end hunger and poverty for small farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. You can read more about this awesome organization at trees.org.

Wood wicks were an obvious choice for TS Home Studio.  As a small business, we support local, natural, and safe resources.  We also care about every person who uses our products and using wood wicks is just one way we make sure to give you the best candle experience possible!

 Our T.S. Home Studio candles have amazing year round & seasonal scents available here


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