Why we use Soy Wax

We get the question a lot from people venturing away from big brand candles and want to make a more conscious decision on the scented products they bring into their homes. ⁠”Why choose soy candles?”

TS Home Studio is a small business that puts great care into the products we send out to our customers all across the nation.  We pay attention to every single detail in order to provide you with the best candle experience possible, right down to the ingredients used to actually make the candles. All of our candles use essential oils & natural fine fragrance oils, wooden wicks, and 100% soy wax. 

Here are some of the amazing reasons why soy wax candles are the best!

1. Soy Wax is a natural & renewable

Soy wax is made from soybeans that are domestically grown right here in the midwest.  The soybean oil that forms the wax is renewable, eco-friendly, and naturally biodegradable.  Unlike paraffin wax that many candles are commonly made of (which often comes from petroleum oil), soy wax is non-toxic and supports American farmers.

2. Longer Lasting Burn Time

Soy wax has a lower melting point compared to other waxes, which means that the wax doesn’t get as hot. As a result, soy candles burn 30-50% longer than other candles, allowing you to enjoy them for a more extended period. Additionally, due to the lower melting point, more liquid wax surrounds the wick, allowing fragrance oils to evaporate into the air more effectively, creating a stronger and long-lasting scent that fills your home.

3. Clean Burning

Soy wax does not contain petrol soot which means your soy candle will produce very little black soot or smoke like paraffin candles, which can discolor your furniture and walls. This also means soy wax produces a non-toxic burn and will not increase the level of CO2 in the air. There are also no carcinogens or pollutants.  Compared to paraffin wax, soy wax is much safer and healthier for your family, friends, pets, and the environment!

Soy wax was an obvious choice for TS Home Studio.  As a small business, we support local, natural, and safe resources.  We also care about every person who uses our products and using soy wax is just one way we make sure to give you the best candle experience possible!

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