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Stay-cation Summer Scents

Blue Agave & Sea Salt is a smooth and elegant blend of watery cactus accords with fresh, ozonic sea salt in this unique, clean fragrance combination. Create a calming atmosphere for any space with this light and airy scent.

Blueberry Cobbler is the perfect comfort dessert, one sniff of our Blueberry Cobbler scent will leave you salivating. Top notes of butter and sugar descend into a gooey base of blueberry and vanilla. 

Caribbean Colada, this fruity fragrance oil begins with a burst of fresh pineapple, casaba melon, and berries. With Middle notes of creamy coconut to add the beachy aroma, light jasmine notes give it a subtle floral quality. 

Fresh Cut Grass is an homage to this nostalgic summer aroma. Notes of grass and green leaves are the heart of this true-to-life fragrance, while notes like citrus and moss bolster its bright, green character. If you had to choose one scent that captures the essence of summertime, chances are it would be Fresh Cut Grass.

Grapefruit & Mint is a super refreshing and sophisticated scent. It starts with ripe, tangy grapefruit fused with garden-fresh mint. Hints of lavender and rhubarb add depth and complexity to this fresh fragrance.

Honeysuckle, the soft, sweet aroma of blooming honeysuckle intertwines with sweet jasmine, rose, and lilac. Honeysuckle is an enchanting floral fragrance perfect for the summer season.

Island Hibiscus, Retreat to an exotic island with the floral heart of hibiscus. Middle notes of plumeria intensify the freshness of this floral scent. A touch of sandalwood and musk provides a velvety balance to your island retreat with Island Hibiscus.

Just Peachy is sweet but not too sweet. The fragrance is filled with the fresh aroma of sun-kissed peaches. Middle notes of orange and grapefruit peel add a juicy note to this fruity creation. While light jasmine and vanilla musk round off the fragrance for a Just Peachy summer.

Moonlight Dreams, this shimmering white floral bouquet is inspired by the night-blooming moonflower with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods to fill your room with Moonlight Dreams.

Old Time Lemonade, pucker up to sparkling splashes of fresh Old Time Lemonade. This citrus delight is filled with zesty lemon, tangy citrus zest, and sweet clementine just like sunshine in a glass. 

Raspberry Lemonade, summer is in full swing when the aroma of freshly made Raspberry Lemonade wafts through the air. Sweet raspberry blended with the crispness of lemonade makes for a wonderful summer stay-cation scent!

Spa Day, treat yourself to a Spa Day and the relaxing blend of sweet florals, bright citrus, and spicy vanilla. The perfect aroma for a little self-care and to revitalize the day. 

Summer Nights are best spent outside on the patio enjoying the clear night sky without the worry of mosquitoes taking over. Keep the bugs away with our Summer Nights candle and its wonderful blend of Citronella and oranges. **(not available in wax melts)**


Signature Scents

Black Raspberry Tarte is a smooth, fruity fragrance bursting with all the goodness of raspberries, strawberries, coconut lemon, peach, and vanilla.

Fresh Cotton captures the nostalgic aroma of line-dried sheets on a sunny, breezy day. This classic fragrance begins with calming cotton blossom, a touch of lemon, and notes of powder, sandalwood, and violet. 

Mojave Desert, welcome an oasis of crisp & sweet fragrance with Mojave Desert. The alluring beauty of a cactus flower is captured in a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sun-kissed coconut, and softwoods.

North Shore is a masculine scent that is classic yet rugged. With a clean scent of fresh citrus and warm musk. This bold candle will be another favorite. 

Sparkling Mimosa, cheers to Sparkling Mimosa effervescent top notes of fresh orange and tangerine boosted with a sparkling spritzer and sweet vanilla bottom notes.

Sweet Lavender is a beautiful mix of lavender and wild honey and a small note of sandalwood to round out the scent. 

Timberland is a wonderful green, citrus, and fruit top notes with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily middle notes enhanced by sweet woody musky bottom notes.

Tropical Breeze is a heavenly blend of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes.

Up North is the scent of being out in the woods & the frosty crisp air. Fresh bergamot, heirloom mahogany, and soft musk. 

Vanilla Bean is a classic gourmet fragrance for any room, any time of year. Vanilla Bean creates a calm and comforting atmosphere.

Yellowstone has a clean and fresh masculine scent with dark oak, bergamot, and a hint of bourbon.